Shadilagn.com is first Matrimonial Portal dedicated to Vaishs, Brahmins, Jains, Kayasths, Kshtriyas, Punjabi (Arora, Khatri Sikh), viash with their separate domains and database. Since each cast/community has its own individuality / customs etc. Hence we have created
www.Vaishlagn.com www.brahminlagn.com www.jainlagn.com www.kayasthlagn.com www.kshatriyalagn.com www.punjabilagn.com           www.sindhilagn.com             www.vaishlagn.com       etc. and above all                   www.shadilagn.com
The Website was inaugurated on 16th Feb, 2003 (Parshuram Jayanti) by Chief Minister of M. P. Shri Digvijay Singh at INDORE. As perwww.Ranking.com our brahminlagn.com website ranked in top 50 websites in India. The Shadilagn Web Services is Central India’s first matrimonial services provider who got ISO 9001 : 2000 certification for quality management.
The idea behind developing the site is to provide world class facility to users with Non Commercial attitude. That is why we keep searching facility free. We want more and more people should take the advantage of web site. As we know running an organization without money is very tedious and lengthy work and we don't want to take donations. That's why we keep a module for payment. Those who like to give their Bio Data, Photo in Web site have to pay the fee.
Aug 2006 we have launched National news paper name “Shadilagn”. The combination of Internet and Print Media gives better results to our members. To givemore facility to our users we have tied for online payment gateway. Which is the India’s first online payment gateway, most secured and hacking proof. Which makes us serve better to our customers /users.

Now a days searching a life partner is very big issue and www.shadilagn.com and it's supporting web sites are providing a global platform to search life partner. We have created separate domains for Vaish ,Brahmin, Jain, Kayasth, Kshatriya, Punjabi, Sindhi & Vaish Cast-Community. The web site has an excellent profile form with facility to display the Photo. You can match the kundli "Melapak Gun, Nadi Dosh" too.

The Shadilagn Web Services will provide more than 2000 jobs in India and abroad.

Registered. Head Office Shadilagn Web Services C / HD – 52, Sukhliya, INDORE – 452 010, M. P. Phone : +91 731 4202378 , 2554359, HelpLIne - +91 999 3 57 58 59